Church for the ‘luke-warm’?

Two posts (and lots of comments) that deal with a preacher accusing the majority of the elderly as being ‘luke-warm’ in their faith.

The best criticisms – I think – that get levelled against the preacher are that he is generalizing, that his video lacks grace, that often our youth ministry in its inherent innovation alienates the elderly and that he fails to see that it’s possible to serve God in the little things of life.

Not surprisingly, some are still not happy. One person complains that his church as become like a country-club – for members only – and that they connect very little with those outside their own group.

It’s the same issues again and again that NYNO will face. There are many people who have been frustrated by church’s that are largely elderly and that don’t know how, or don’t want (or both), to welcome in new people. When they hear of a church directed towards the elderly, they are mystified and repulsed. They want outward facing churches that meet the unchurched next generation with an open hand of welcome.

Our response? Well, we don’t know yet, but our hope is that our church will gather members from across the age range and on that basis we won’t be able to become a club for the like-aged and minded.

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