What We Do

The NYNO Project aims to see new all-age church communities come into being that are accessible to the elderly and that develop their own identity, teaching, spirituality, leadership, mission and care.

We hope to touch the lives of people from at least four categories.

  • Elderly Christians living within or with access to meeting spaces in sheltered accommodation. We plan to facilitate their continued participation in the full life of a church.
  • Younger Christians will be inspired and challenged to recognise the importance and joy of an experience of church that encompasses every age.
  • Non-Christians of every age will be shown a glimpse of the kingdom of God and invited to participate in it through all-age communities that are committed to sharing lives with one another.
  • The families of elderly Christians in particular may also find the NYNO congregations places of welcome, care and support for their relatives and for themselves.

We hope to discover ways in which older people can play their part in helping the Church address the needs of today.

We hope to find ways in which younger people can develop a sense of their own Christian identity that embraces change, challenge, innovation and mission to their peers while not feeling compelled to accept a homogeneously youth-oriented church.

We hope to develop forms of worship that are faithful and accessible to young, old and those outside of the church.

In addition, the NYNO Project hopes to encourage others caring for the elderly in churches across Aberdeen through an annual conference of teaching and the sharing of experience.

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