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NYNO is interested in hearing from you, and working with you.

NYNO began with a set of ideas: that a diversely aged congregation should be able to meet in a place that is most accessible for its older members. But, how you make this idea a reality is the big question.

In Aberdeen we’ve been working in one sheltered accommodation complex and you can see our collected thoughts so far in our booklet. You are welcome to make of use our experiences and resources. We know, however, that our ideas are likely not the only answer to the questions that NYNO poses.

There is lots of experience and creativity out there in the Church. The ideas of NYNO will be become reality with much more significance, depth and rigour, when this experience and creativity is drawn on.

What we’d like to see, therefore, is many people developing their own congregations in many different places, all talking, listening and learning from one another.

So, it may be that you’d like pick up the resources we’ve been developing and use them. Or, it may be you have your own ideas about what would work for you and others and want to develop them in conversation with others. Either way, we’d be delighted to talk to you, share what we’ve learned and hear what you’d like to do. It may be that we can come and speak to you; it may be that you’d like to visit us; it maybe that you’d like to send us a sermon you’ve written, share how you’ve been using music differently, or record the development of your congregation in a blog.

Our conviction is that the more we share with one another, the more possibilities we will discover for how we best see congregations grow that welcome every generation and are particularly accessible to those who are older.

As a first step in being part of our community, please use the contact page listed above to get in touch.

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