Book List

At the moment, this will be just a list to books that have been influential or that we hope to read soon. Later, if time allows, we may include some explanatory comments. In listing these books, we are not saying that we agree with them, only that we think they are or may be worth reading and thinking about.

Karl Barth, ‘The Being of the Community’, Church Dogmatics, IV/1, pp. 650-725

Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus (Inter-Varsity: Nottingham, 2011)

Dom Gregory Dix, The Shape of the Liturgy, 2nd edn (Dacre: London, 1945)

John G. Flett, The Witness of God (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010)

Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon, Resident Aliens (Nashville, Abingdon: 1989)

Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch, The Shaping of Things to Come (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2003)

Bruce Kendrick, Come Out the Wilderness (London: Collins, 1962)

Elizabeth MacKinley, Spiritual Growth and Care in the Fourth Age (Jessica Kingsley: London, 2006)

Alan J Roxburgh & Fred Romanuk, The Missional Leader (Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, 2006)

Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, 2nd edn (New York: Paulist Press, 1989)

James F. White, A Brief history of Christian Worship (Abingdon: Nashville, 1993)

William Stringfellow, An Ethic for Christians & Other Aliens in a Strange Land (Word; 1973; repr. Wipf and Stock: Eugene, 2004)

John Howard Yoder, Body Politics (Discipleship Resources: Nashville, 1992; repr. Herald: Scottdale, 1992)

Also, see the work in progress at Stockethill Church.


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