At NYNO we have been working on bringing together all that we have learnt so far into an easily accessible booklet.

Our hope is that others will be able to download or pickup the booklet and be encouraged and guided in setting up their own NYNO congregation.

We would love to hear from you if you are using the booklet. Your experiences and thoughts could be really valuable to us and others doing the same thing. Please do get in contact with us.

The booklet is made available to be freely downloaded and shared in the form it is provided here. Please feel free to send in corrections and suggestions using the contact form on the website.

To save paper, we recommend printing two pages per side, double-sided.

You can download the booklet in pdf format here.

Worship Sheets

In addition, you can also find here our most recent worship sheets. These liturgies help structure and focus our meals, so that we are reminded of Christ’s presence with us and also so that we are enabled to worship even when a trained and confident public speaker is not available.

Agape Meal 

Communion and Agape

Small Group Meal

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